Asian Date – Help Her to Avoid Culture Shock

If your Asian date is visiting your country for the first time, it is likely to be a nervous time for her. Not only will she be anxious about meeting your family and friends, but she will also have the added difficulty of learning about your culture and trying to adapt to a totally new way of life. Asian culture can be quite different in many respects. Even if your visit is relatively short, you can do some of the following things to help your Asian girlfriend avoid culture shock when visiting your country for the first time.


Listen to her concerns

Before you arrive home, it’s a good idea to check in with your girlfriend and find out how she is feeling. There might be specific things about the visit that she is particularly tense or nervous about, so she would be grateful for any support you show her before you go home.


Ask your family and friends to speak slowly

If your girlfriend isn’t overly confident with her English, you should ask your family and friends to speak slowly when they’re communicating with your girlfriend. This will give her the confidence to try and interact with them and will make her feel comfortable. If everyone is talking at 100mph, it will be difficult for her to understand what is being said and contribute to the conversation.


Empathise with her situation

If you’re travelling to your home country together for the first time, the chances are that your relationship started somewhere in Asia. Therefore, you will understand the situation that your girlfriend finds herself in and should be able to empathise with her. Make sure you’re patient with her and if she doesn’t want to do something that makes her feel uncomfortable, make sure you support her decision and don’t force her into anything.


Be her tour guide

If she’s visiting your country for the first time, she will be interested in visiting many of the interesting sites that your country is famous for. You should be willing to take her to different places and show her around, explaining the significance of the places that you visit. This way, she will feel comfortable in your company and will enjoy visiting new places.


Treat her to some home comforts

When you’re in a different country, some home comforts can make you feel so much better. Whether you find her a way of watching her favourite TV show online in the evening or perhaps take her out to a delicious Asian restaurant in your city for some food that is familiar to her, she will really appreciate your effort. It’s amazing how something really small can make someone feel better, particularly when they’re away from home.


If you have arranged for your Asian date to visit your home country for the first time, that’s great news! Just be mindful that it won’t be the easiest time for her, so make sure you do everything you can to help her avoid culture shock.