Asian Family Values – What Matters

It’s little secret that Asian family values are a vital component of most Asian cultures. As such, your Asian girlfriend will have been raised in an environment of strong Asian family values and will have learned to respect and love those around her. In the western world, family is important, but for some, it doesn’t command the same values that it does in Asia. As such, here are five things your Asian girlfriend can teach you about family.


Respect is the most important thing

Regardless of how old you are, you must respect your family. Asian women respect their family by communicating regularly, listening to advice, and often doing what’s requested of them by their family members, even if it’s not something they agree with. The respect your Asian girlfriend shows her family will likely leave you feeling inspired.


Family always comes first

No matter what the current situation, family always comes first in many Asian cultures. This often means that if your girlfriend needs to do something to support the family, say in the instance of a tragedy or family death, she will give up everything else to return to her family and support them through the difficult time. Even if you’ve both moved to a different part of the world, her loyalty to her family will never diminish.


You should always appreciate your parents

As we get older, many of us come to view our parents in a different light, and often disagree with them and even fall out with them. In Asian cultures, women are taught to always appreciate their parents, regardless of whether or not they agree with them. After all, your parents brought you into the world and raised you, and for that alone they deserve your respect.


Mealtimes are family times

In some western households, mealtimes aren’t a big deal. It’s often just important to eat something after school or work and continue with whatever else you’ve been doing. However, in Asian culture, mealtimes are family times. What does this mean? Well, great care is put into preparing food, and the family gathers together to share stories about the day and enjoy their meal together. This is a vitally important part of many Asian cultures.


You can learn a great deal from your elders

Elders are revered in Asian culture. When challenges or disputes arise, people turn to their community elders to seek conflict resolution and to plan the way forward. The same is true in families. If your girlfriend has any issues or present challenges, she will turn to the family elders to seek advice and guidance.


If you start dating an Asian woman, you will benefit from her commitment to her family. You will learn many of the values that are important in Asian culture, and will be able to apply them to your life and prepare to raise your own family in the right way.