Dating Asian Women – Five Red Flags

Asian women can be quite complex. If you’ve finally arranged your first Asian date with the girl that you’ve fancied for a while, you might focus all of your energy on having a positive experience. However, in some cases, this means that you ignore subtle hints and you don’t pick up on any red flags that should serve as a warning that the date might not be going so well. So you don’t get carried away, here are five red flags to look out for on your first date with an Asian woman.


She expects something intimate too soon

Asian women are generally quite conservative. Even though sex on the first date is something that many men would be delighted with, it’s not necessarily a good sign. If she makes inappropriate comments throughout your first date or perhaps lewd suggestions, it’s not necessarily a sign that she wants a serious relationship, and it’s something you should look to avoid if you’re looking for a partner.


She doesn’t ask you many questions about yourself

Dating is a two-way thing and it’s an opportunity for both of you to get to know one another. If she’s not interested in finding out anything about you, it might be a sign that she’s really not that into you. Sometimes when dating Asian women, they are only interested in dating foreign men for their own personal motives, and if she’s not asking you many questions, it’s a sign that she’s not interested in developing a relationship.


She’s always on her phone

Although some people cling to their phone when they’re anxious, if she’s on her phone throughout your first date and not paying much attention to what you’re saying, it’s a sign that things aren’t going well. She might even be texting her friends about the date, which is something that should signify the end of your relationship before it has even started.


You disagree with lots of things she says

While it’s healthy to have different interests and passions, if you find yourself disagreeing with lots of things she says during your first date, it’s a sign that you’re probably not compatible. While there’s no need to get confrontational, use it as an indication that things probably won’t work out, and don’t just assume she might change her opinions when you start dating one another.


She makes you feel uncomfortable by getting personal

Although it’s important to open up and get to know each other during the first date, she shouldn’t cross the line and make you feel uncomfortable. If she asks you a whole host of personal questions about your finances and previous relationships, for instance, it’s a sign that she might be quite possessive or might be interested in your money. If you feel uncomfortable on your first date, trust your instincts. It probably won’t work out if you can’t make it through the first date without any issues.


Although first dates are exciting and nerves are to be expected, whatever you do, don’t ignore the red flags that offer a warning of things to come. Although it does take a while to get to know one another, there are certain things that you should use as an indicator that it’s not going to work out, as it will save you time and money that you could spend elsewhere on dating other people.