Change your fortunes – Online dating

Four Easy Ways to Change Your Fortunes When Dating Online


Change your fortunes in online dating to avoid failure, but, looking for the perfect match online isn’t easy. It can often take lots of time and effort to meet the right person for you, which translates to countless hours of chatting with various people, with little sign of progress. 


Equally, you might find yourself demoralized that you’re not receiving a lot of messages. Either way, you can quickly become frustrated with online dating and begin questioning if your luck will ever change. 


But stick in there! Finding the perfect partner takes time. Here are four easy ways to change your fortunes when dating online to help you find the ideal match to begin a relationship with. 


Re-write your profile


If you’re struggling to engage with matches, you might find that your profile doesn’t present you in the best possible light. Remember, with online dating, your profile is your only chance at a first impression, and it needs to be spot on. 


Consider re-writing the various sections of your profile and include fresh details. Go into more detail about your family, friends, and interests, and be sure to talk about your values and aspirations. The more a match can learn from your profile, the more likely they are to connect and this will in-turn change your fortunes in the dating scene.


Add some new pictures


You can’t understate the importance of profile pictures when it comes to online dating. There’s little point in having a perfectly written profile if you don’t attach a variety of attractive pictures to go with it. 


But think carefully when selecting the pictures that you share. Perhaps that group photo with you and your mates on holiday in Spain isn’t sending off the right message. Think about what your matches are looking for and add some pictures that are likely to appeal to them. 


Change your strategy


If you’re stuck in an online dating rut, don’t be afraid to change your strategy. Obviously, your previous approach hasn’t been working well, so mix things up. 


Begin by reaching out to different types of women, and consider changing the way you introduce yourself. You will find that variety is the spice of life, and by mixing things up, you will greatly increase your likelihood of success. You can’t say this isn’t a great way to change your fortunes in online dating.


Adapt your communication skills


If your introductions are falling on deaf ears, it could be time to rethink the way you’re engaging with your potential matches. Maybe you’re too vague and not remotely personal [‘Hey, how are you?’] or perhaps you’re too full-on [‘I love everything about you…’]. 


As a general rule, be sure to personalize all the messages you send and explain why you’re getting in touch. You could also try some light-hearted humor to set the ball rolling. But remember, every woman is different, so don’t be scared to try new ways of introducing yourself. 


Online dating can quickly become demoralizing if you’re not enjoying any success. But hopefully, these four simple tips will help you change your fortunes and give you the chance to connect with the perfect person online.