Cities to celebrate the Lunar New Year

Many people are unsure about where to go in order to participate in the festivities for the upcoming Lunar New Year. A fantastic time to travel together and take part in the holiday celebrations would be now. Our team has gathered a few cities to celebrate the Lunar new year that can be worth visiting.

Four cities to celebrate the Lunar New Year

Beijing, China

Shanghai, the capital’s financial center, goes all out for the Chinese New Year, decorating the city with colorful lanterns and lighting off fireworks every night. Atmosphere Bar is the ideal location if you’ve traveled with friends or even as a couple because you can watch the lavish fireworks show from the World China Summit Wing. At the snow festival, you can also try ice skating among the sculptures or visit Ditan Park to see some historical reenactments.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong goes all out for the Lunar New Year fair, which features floats and traditional dragon parades. Every evening, fireworks are lighted up in the sky, and local and foreign singers perform to make the nights more unforgettable. On the third day of the holiday, many visit Sha Tin Racecourse to try their luck with horse betting.


This is one of the best cities to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The most gorgeous festival in all of Europe is held in Chinatown in London, and many of people are sure to show up. There are performances of musicals and plays, hundreds of street food vendors, and a massive dragon procession to cap off the celebrations.


The best is on offer during the two-week-long celebrations in Paris. With the opening of the dragon’s eye ceremonial, the celebrations get under way. The show then goes on with a parade of dragons, fireworks, and orange koi fish. The streets are flooded with color for days without stopping, and performers go all out with their costumes. The Eiffel Tower glows red the entire time.

These are the best cities to celebrate the Lunar New Year especially as a couple because you get to bond and it can be a way to do something outside your comfort zone with your partner.