Dating in Korea-Expectations

What to Expect When Dating in Korea as an Expat

If you’re a foreigner living in South Korea – or indeed about to move to the country – the chances are that you’re keen to start dating to enhance your social life away from home. But what’s dating really like in Korea? And are you likely to find the dream girl that you’re looking for? In this post, we look at some unique aspects of dating in Korean culture to help you prepare.

You might be asked to be a language partner 

This might sound strange, but Korean women often use online dating apps to find language exchange partners. This is basically someone to speak to in English so they can work on their language skills. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it might not be what you’re looking for! So, while it’s okay to chat to a Korean match and help her with her language skills, make sure that your relationship has potential before investing your time in the conversation.

Age is important in Korean culture 

In many cultures in the west, asking your date how old she is will almost certainly cause offence. However, in Korean culture, age is really important. There is hierarchical importance to age in the country, and it is used to ensure respect is given where it is due. So don’t be offended if your date fixates on your age, and equally, you can feel comfortable asking her how old she is if it’s not clear on her profile because its normal when it comes to dating in Korea.

Understand the concept of ‘rounds’ 

In Korea, it’s typical for partners and even friends to use the concept of ‘rounds’ to decide who pays the bill. While it’s a nice gesture for the man to treat the woman on a first date, you might find that the next time you meet for a meal, she will be more than willing to pay the bill. This is actually an excellent way of keeping things fair and will make your dating life a little less expensive!

Love motels are popular 

If you’re dating a Korean woman who is a little younger and still lives with her parents – it’s common for single Korean women in their early-to-mid-twenties to still live at home – you could always check into a love motel in one of Korea’s main cities if you both agree that it’s time to get physical! These hotels tend to charge an hourly rate, so it’s perfect if you want to get some action away from the watchful gaze of her parents.

Ultimately, dating in Korea is super fun, and you’re likely to meet the woman of your dreams! But understanding these insider tips will help ensure your dating experience is a positive one, and you won’t suffer any cultural misunderstandings.