Dating Profile Pictures – Top Tips

Four Things That Asian Women Don’t Want to See in Your Dating Profile Pictures

It’s impossible to understate the importance of dating profile pictures when it comes to online dating. Curating the perfect profile is integral to your online dating success, and getting it wrong can be disastrous. Remember, your dating profile picture is your opportunity to show your personality, so you don’t want to get it wrong. When looking for an Asian match, here are four things to avoid when choosing the perfect picture for your online dating profile.

Gym selfies

Asian women are not impressed by gym selfies. Even if you have the body of Adonis, you don’t need to show it off in the mirror of the gym. This doesn’t just tell a match that you have an awesome body, it tells her that you’re vain and want everyone to know it. Uploading half-naked gym selfies is actually seen as indecent in many Asian cultures, so it’s best to avoid it if you want to make a good first impression.

Other women

Sometimes, men think it’s a good idea to include photos on their dating profiles with other women. They think that it proves that they’re not a total psycho and can be trusted around women. But in reality, what it shows is that you’re a bit of a player and enjoy spending time with different girls. Remember, dating in Asian cultures is viewed very differently than in the west, and it’s not good to show off the fact that you enjoy socialising with other women. It’s best to choose pictures that show you and you alone.


No matter what you think, holding a bottle of JD or Grey Goose vodka doesn’t look impressive, at least not to Asian women. While you might think you’re portraying yourself as a bit of a party animal, alcohol is viewed in a totally different light in most Asian cultures. While some Asian women certainly enjoy a drink now and again, binge drinking is not something to be admired. As such, do away with the photos that show you posing with a bottle of your favourite beer or spirit.

Don’t wear Scruffy clothes in your Dating Profile Pictures

While we’re all entitled to dress precisely how we like, you’re not going to win many Asian admirers by showing off a photo in which you’re dressed in scruffy clothes. Asian women like their men to be smart and well dressed, so be sure to present yourself in an attractive light. Avoid things like football shirts, gym clothes, and sweats. Dress in a way that shows you’re able to take care of yourself, and you’re likely to win yourself many admirers.

Creating the perfect online dating profile isn’t easy, but you need to make sure you get the pictures right, particularly when it comes to dating Asian women. If you take on board the four points listed above and present yourself in a way that is smart and professional, you will increase your chances of finding the Asian match of your dreams!