Dress etiquette for the first date

Dress etiquette for the first date

Dress etiquette for the first date can be stressful. Have you ever spent an hour trying to figure out what to wear on your first date and failing miserably? You have a general notion of how you want to look for your date, but you’re also concerned about overdoing it. Let’s go over a few pointers to keep in mind while deciding what to wear on your date.

Avoid colors that are too bright

It’s now a fashion trend to see males dressed in yellow or lime green and looking incredibly gorgeous. On a regular day, I’d agree, but let’s face it, it’s not the nicest hue to wear on a date if you want to get a second date. Black or red are the ideal hues to go with. These colors can communicate a different but positive story about you, and you can accessorize with them at any time. In red or black, any man looks good. Test it out and see if your date doesn’t compliment you perfectly.

Don’t be too formal

While wearing a suit and tie is stylish, it sends the wrong message to your date. The first date is crucial since you and your date are both unsure how entertaining it will turn out, but you both know you want to be around someone who isn’t stuffy and has a unique personality. So, if you’re dressed up in a suit and tie, she’ll immediately dismiss you as stiff and serious. You’re probably not going to make it past the first date. What else would you do besides eat supper and return home? Asian women enjoy going for a walk after dinner, visiting a park, or simply walking out to gaze at the stars. You won’t be able to do that in a suit, so dress in something that will allow you to relax and let down a little.

Avoid wearing open shoes

It’s important to remember that your attire defines who you are. As you’ll be meeting her parents, Asian women are highly concerned about dress etiquette, so you can’t exactly go up looking a certain way and have her regret agreeing to the date. As a result, open-toed shoes are strictly prohibited. If you show up with your toes all out in the open, no woman will take you seriously. Let’s say you’re meeting up with a young Thai woman who wants to go out with you after dinner for some drinks. If you show there looking like you’re not interested in spending some quality time with her, she’ll be disappointed.

Keep the jewelry to a minimum

Gentlemen, I know that strings and bling’s are the new trend and they make you feel manly and recognized. Asian women, especially Korean women, like to keep it simple. It’s either putting on a watch and a bracelet or it’s a necklace that compliments the outfit she chose for that particular date. So, you can’t show up with chains, rings and bracelets all over you. You’ll surely scare her off and you’re sending the wrong message as well. Try keeping it to a minimum if you plan on keeping the dates coming.

On dating, proper attire is essential. On your first date, don’t just decide to try something new. It may not go as planned, and it will be too late to try to make a better first impression. Asian ladies admire men who know how to dress appropriately for the occasion. You’ll never go wrong if you follow these simple steps.