Five Myths Debunked about Dating Asian Women

We’ve all heard myths about dating Asian women. It’s also likely that we’ve heard horror stories about trying to impress their strict parents and not living up to their lofty expectations. While I’m sure certain things you may have heard about Asian women are correct, in this post, we debunk five of the common myths that people perpetuate about dating Asian women.


Myth #1 – She’s quiet and submissive 

This is simply untrue. While Asian girls may sometimes come across as a little shy or reserved on a first date, they are much more open and playful in your company once you get to know them. Asian girls are generally amiable, outgoing, and opinionated, and spending time in their company can be great fun. The myth that they are quiet and submissive is way off the mark.


Myth #2 – Her parents will hate you 

Okay, ‘hate’ may be a little strong, but you get the idea. How many times have you heard it said that Asian parents are impossible to please? Although Asian families are indeed protective over their children, the suggestion that they’re impossible to please is a myth. Perhaps this myth comes from the fact that Asian women are very family-oriented, and their parents’ and siblings’ opinions matter an awful lot to them. While it’s essential to make a good impression and show that you care about your girlfriend, you should be yourself around your potential future parents in law!


Myth #3 – She’s only interested in your money 

This is a baseless claim, but one that is widely perpetuated. If you look at the ‘Thai bride’ phenomenon, how often do you hear people say that she’s only in it for the money? Asian women date foreigners for many reasons, not just for the money or the hope that they can move abroad. While money may be one of the reasons a woman is attracted to a man, this isn’t exclusive to Asian women dating foreign men. Even if your Asian girlfriend is impressed with your financials, it’s very unlikely to be the only reason she’s with you.


Myth #4 – She’s smarter than you 

While Asian girls place a lot of importance on education, don’t simply assume that your girlfriend is smarter than you. You will find that you can have an intellectual conversation with your girlfriend, but making assumptions is bad for any relationship. Make sure you understand her educational background and don’t make any sweeping generalisations about her studies!


Myth #5 – She’ll only marry you to get a visa 

Myth #5 goes hand in hand with myth #3. Assuming that your Asian girlfriend is dating you to try and obtain a visa to work and live in your country is unfair. Although many Asian women do settle abroad, many are more than happy to stay home and build their lives around their current family relations. If you’re planning to propose to your Asian girlfriend, make sure that you’re prepared to spend your whole life with her. If that’s the case, then it doesn’t matter where you settle down together, as long as you’re happy in your relationship!