How to Impress a Chinese Girl That you Hope to Date

We’ve all been in a position where we’ve tried to impress a girl that we’re hoping to ask out on a date. It’s a difficult position to be in, as you don’t want to say or do something that will potentially harm your budding relationship. This is even more of a challenge for people trying to date someone from a country outside of their own, as there are different cultural expectations when it comes to dating, they may not be aware of. In this post, we look at different ways you can try and impress a Chinese girl you hope to date.

Talk to her in Chinese 

We’re not expecting you to learn Mandarin overnight, but learning how to greet a girl in her language might get you noticed. You could even try and pay her a little compliment in her language, which is something she will certainly appreciate. You can download many language apps to help you learn basic Mandarin, which could be a savvy investment of your time if you’re hoping to impress a Chinese girl.

Don’t go over the top 

Although some people think that the route to a Chinese girl’s heart is to spend lavishly and impress her, this isn’t necessarily the case. There’s a fine line between showing you care about her and treating her to nice things and being arrogant and flashy. Chinese girls don’t like it when men are flashy, so be careful not to cross the line, or she won’t be impressed.

Respect her family 

As is the case with many Asian countries, Chinese girls place significant importance on family relationships in their lives. If you stand any chance of dating a Chinese girl, you must show her family respect and be polite to her relatives if you meet them. An easy way to show you care about her is by simply asking questions about her family without getting too personal initially. Showing you’re interested in family is important and is an excellent way to get noticed by a Chinese girl.

Try and understand her culture 

Asian culture is incredibly diverse and is different from region to region. Be aware of this, and don’t assume that if something is right in Beijing, it is also right in Shenzhen. She won’t expect you to know everything about China, but showing you’ve done a little bit of research and are understanding of the differences in Chinese culture shows that you’re interested in her life and you want to get to know her further.

Don’t play mind games 

If you like her, then tell her! You don’t need to be too forward, but making your intentions clear early on can help your chances when working up the courage to ask her out on a date. In Chinese culture, it’s typical for men and women to be direct with one another, particularly when dating and forming relationships. With this in mind, if you are attracted to a Chinese girl in your life, tell her how you feel! It’s good to be open from the start and can help you develop a relationship that is based upon trust and understanding.