How to Say Sorry to You Asian Girlfriend

If you’ve upset your Asian girlfriend, then it’s important to apologise. How to say sorry is a matter of opinion. Everyone makes mistakes in life, and no matter how hard you try to make your girlfriend happy, you will get it wrong once in a while. Granted, some mistakes are more significant than others, and how you respond to your error will affect the future of your relationship. The best thing you can do is to acknowledge your mistake and offer a meaningful apology. Your girlfriend will understand that you’re only human and is likely to forgive you. But how do you apologise sincerely so that your Asian girlfriend knows you mean it? Here are four ways to offer a heartfelt apology.


Offer an explanation

Whatever you’ve done, it’s always a good idea, to begin with an explanation. Simply saying sorry without providing any context is unlikely to get you very far. While you shouldn’t justify your actions, particularly if you were in the wrong, it will help your girlfriend understand something if you explain yourself fully. Explaining why you did something is an important step towards reconciliation and is an important place to start.


Your actions speak louder than words

While an explanation is a good place to begin, it will mean nothing to your girlfriend without action. Your girlfriend wants to see how you’re going to change for the better and what you’re going to do to prevent the same thing from happening in the future. Committing to change and taking some initial steps towards doing so could save your relationship, particularly if you’ve made a big mistake!


Buy her a thoughtful gift

Although some people view gift-giving as an admission of guilt, it’s actually an effective way of backing up your apology. After all, who doesn’t like receiving a thoughtful gift? Be mindful that shop-bought flowers or chocolate won’t necessarily do the trick. Something like a personalised photo album or a meaningful memento from the time you’ve spent together will show her that you’ve put in some effort. A thoughtful gift will add credibility to your apology and will encourage your girlfriend to forgive you.


Ask for her advice

Asking for advice is an incredibly important part of any meaningful apology. When you’ve explained yourself, sit down with your girlfriend and ask her how she thinks you should have behaved or responded to a particular situation. You will find that she will be all too happy to offer her thoughts on where you went wrong and how you could act differently in the future. This gives you an insight into what your girlfriend thinks about your behaviour and will help prevent any misunderstandings in the future.


There will undoubtedly come a time in your relationship with your Asian girlfriend when you need to apologise for something you’ve done. When the time comes, make sure it’s a thoughtful, meaningful apology, and vow to do everything you can to ensure the same thing won’t happen again in the future. Hopefully, this has helped you to figure out how to say sorry to your Asian girlfriend.