Japanese Dating Tips – Make a Good First Impression

Are you looking for some Japanese dating tips? If you’re hoping to win the heart of a Japanese woman, it’s important you make a great first impression. Although many outsiders look on Japanese culture as structured and serious, you shouldn’t be lulled into thinking that Japanese people don’t have fun! Tokyo’s streets are lined with bars, karaoke spots, and various other entertainment venues that provide the perfect setting for fun-filled dates.

However, to ensure you manage to secure a first date with a Japanese woman, here are four crucial Asian dating tips that will help you make a great first impression.


Cleanliness is important

You simply cannot underestimate how seriously Japanese people take cleanliness. If you want to make a good first impression, you must present yourself well. Head to the barbers, have a shave, and put on a fresh and clean outfit.

If you turn up to your first date wearing slacks or in yesterday’s work clothes, you might as well not bother going at all! Also, be mindful that in certain Japanese restaurants, it’s customary to remove your shoes before entering. As such, invest in a decent pair of socks, and make sure they’re freshly laundered!


Your career isn’t as interesting as you might think

Although Japanese culture places significant emphasis on professional achievement, this doesn’t mean your date wants to hear all about your job during your first meeting. While you can mention it briefly, don’t bore her to death with details about your occupation.

Some Japanese women are hoping to meet foreign guys who aren’t as hung up on their work as their Japanese counterparts, so don’t spend your whole time trying to impress your date with anecdotes from the office. It probably won’t work.


Bring a token of your appreciation

The art of gift giving is a huge part of Asian dating culture, but it’s not so big in the west. Something as innocuous as a single flower or a tiny teddy bear can make your date beam with happiness. In Japan, it’s the thought that counts, not the gift itself.

But it’s best not to show your affection with alcohol. While it’s customary in some western cultures to bring a bottle of wine along on the first date, the same isn’t true in Japan. Stick to something cute and neutral on the first date, and you’ll land in her good books from the very start of your relationship.


Pay the bill!

If you’re taking a Japanese woman out on a first date, don’t expect her to split the bill. This isn’t because they’re obnoxious or tight. Far from it, actually. Remember that Japanese culture is traditional in many respects, and there are certain societal expectations for both men and women.

Leaving that aside, paying the bill is just a nice thing to do on the first date! As you begin meeting up more regularly feel free to chat about splitting the bill in the future, but head out on your first date expecting to cover the cost of your first meal together.


Dating in Japan can be extremely rewarding. Providing you’re willing to learn about her culture, and follow the four tips we’ve outlined in this post, you should have a great time on your first date, and hopefully plan many more in the near future!