Long Distance Relationship – Avoiding Boredom

If you meet the Asian woman of your dreams, you might find yourself in a long distance relationship before you know it. Unless you’re planning to move to Asia, you will probably have to make do with online chats, instant messaging, and various other ways of communicating until you decide on your future together. While the start of your relationship will no doubt be exciting, the flame can sometimes dwindle as you become accustomed to one another and get frustrated at the distance between you. Here are four ways to re-ignite the flame in your long distance relationship.

Plan a surprise visit

Surprises are an excellent way of keeping a relationship exciting. If you’re able to take some time away from work, book your flight and surprise your Asian girlfriend. Just be sure to check her schedule in advance, so she can spend some time with you when you arrive! While you could always speak to her about visiting beforehand, arriving unannounced is more romantic and will definitely re-ignite the spark in your long distance relationship.

Schedule a vacation together

If you’re not so sure about a surprise visit, schedule a vacation somewhere together. You can pick one of the countries that you respectively live in, or you can choose a neutral country that is easy for you both to travel to. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where you spend time together, so long as you’re physically with one another. The hardest thing about long-distance relationships is the lack of intimacy, so a week in the sun together will spice things back up between you both.

Ditch your routine

While most couples fall into a routine of sorts when they become familiar with each other, it can cause things to go a little stale in your relationship. Always speaking at the same time, scheduling the same virtual dates, and not doing anything exciting can cause your relationship to stagnate. To prevent this from happening, agree to ditch the routine altogether. Go back to the early days when you called each other at any time of the day, and start doing things that excite you. If you’re constantly stuck in the same boring routine, your relationship will lack a spark.

Do things separately (but together!)

Reading this heading, you’re probably confused. What on earth does it mean?! Well, arrange to do something at the same time in your respective countries. Whether you go out to a local park or head to the mall, do it at the same time and video call one another. This is an excellent way of spending more time together virtually and sharing experiences that you wish you could do with one another in person. While it takes a little while to get used to, it’s actually a fantastic way of keeping your relationship interesting!

Long-distance relationships require effort if they’re going to work. We hope these four tips will inspire you to try new things and re-ignite the flame in your relationship, so you can plan for your long-term future together.