Online Messaging – Make the Right Impression

If you’ve recently signed up for online dating to try and meet the Asian girl of your dreams, you have lots of fun ahead. The thrill of online messaging with an attractive match who you see a future with is like nothing else and can really get your blood pumping.

But how do you ensure you make a good first impression? The trick is to get the tone of your messages right and connect with your match in a natural and confident way. In this post, we share some of the secrets to the art of online messaging to give you the best chance to meet the Asian girl of your dreams online.


Personalise every message you send

To strike up a valuable online conversation, you need to make sure you personalise the messages you send. It’s helpful to carefully read her profile before you contact her and use an interesting piece of information as a conversation starter. This will work well as an ice breaker and will show her that you’re interested in getting to know her.


Choose quality over quantity

Instead of blanketly messaging every woman who is online, spend time looking for profiles that you’re actually interested in and spend time crafting a personal message that shows you’d like to get to know her better. This is also true when crafting the perfect message. Don’t waste time rambling. You should get to the point and write a message that is likely to get her attention for the right reasons.


Don’t overshare

There’s nothing more off-putting in the early stages of a relationship than oversharing. While it’s important to get to know one another, she doesn’t need to know all about your ex-girlfriend, your family history of illnesses, and about all of your experiences in high school. In the early days of messaging, you should only talk about things that you’re comfortable with.


Identify common ground

For your relationship to take off, you need to identify common ground quickly. There’s only so much time you can spend on small talk and flirting, so you need to find something that interests you both to really fuel the conversation in the future. An excellent way of identifying common ground is by asking open questions that will encourage her to talk about her life, and you can then pursue a particular topic of conversation that also interests you.


Use Emojis

In the present day, emojis are an excellent way of indicating how you feel about a particular topic of conversation. They’re also a helpful way of showing your personality online. If you don’t use emojis, your conversation can seem a little dry, and it might even come across that you’re not really into the person you’re talking to. Used well, emojis show that you’re fun and engaging and help you to make an excellent first impression when you’re looking for the perfect partner online.


It’s vital that you spend time perfecting the art of messaging when it comes to online dating, as you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Hopefully, these tips will give you the confidence to chat with women online and help you to find the perfect partner.