Signs he’s genuinely into you

Many of the things you do will have an impact on him when he’s genuinely into you, and occasionally you’ll notice that your friendship shifts a little. Men may need some time to express their affections for a woman, especially if the two of you were initially just friends before feelings began to grow. These are some of the indications that he’s genuinely in you.

Four signs he’s genuinely into you

He enjoys your company a lot

Typically, males would prefer to spend more time with their friends and perhaps see you sometimes. However, if he is genuinely into you, he will value every minute spent with you because he finds you to be so enjoyable that the time spent with you will pass quickly. He enjoys your jokes and thinks it’s the best and most rational thing to do that day to spend time with you.

He’s jealous when you’re around other men

You’ll undoubtedly meet and spend time with some new people since he hasn’t told you how he feels. He will become envious and begin to worry that he won’t get a second chance with you or that you have other interests. He wishes he could tell you not to be around other men.

He maintains eye contact with you

You’ll notice that he always keeps eye contact with you during chats. He feels closer to you and more a part of you because of this. It’s an attempt to communicate his feelings to you without using words because the eyes can convey a lot with just a simple glance.

He’s always complementing you

You are aware of the one guy who takes notice of everything about you, including your appearance, new hairstyle, and the dress you are wearing. If he often compliments you, he is really interested in you and is taking the time to notice everything about you.

These are a few indications that he’s genuinely into you. He may be delaying telling you for a variety of reasons, but if you become aware of them, it is very probable that he is planning to ask you out on a date.