Signs he’s not ready for dating

There’s no doubt that he might be your potential partner and that he ticks all the right boxes. You might realise it later that he was not ready for dating yet still went ahead and asked you out. Sometimes it may be because he had a tough heartbreak or he’s just childish when it comes to being with a woman. These are some of the signs he’s not ready for dating that can help you steer clear of him before making a decision of being with him.

Four signs he’s not ready for dating

Doesn’t have any goals for the two of you

It is only natural for someone you like to envision a future with you and to want to establish objectives for the two of you to meet. A prospective partner would envision their life with you in it in a few years. He is clearly not ready for dating if you ask him some of these questions and he doesn’t seem to give you honest replies.

Put his needs first before his partner’s

Being with someone who prioritizes himself is fine, but if they don’t recognize the importance of putting your needs before their own is a warning sign. A man who is invested in and ready to commit to a relationship would prioritize the needs of his partner and ensure that she doesn’t feel neglected or used as a result of his absence or inability to make her happy. Focusing on someone else’s needs rather than one’s own is what commitment entails.

His actions and words don’t align

The majority of the time, a man will tell you how much he wants to be with you and how he will take care of you, but his actions will never match what he says. Choose a partner who will go out of his way to treat you fairly and whose behaviors and words are consistent. When he isn’t ready for dating, he will say anything to win your trust and then ruin the relationship by acting in the exact opposite way.

He keeps his options open

If you’ve just met, it’s acceptable if he keeps his choices open because he might not be certain of the direction things are taking. He’s not ready for dating though once you both make your intentions clear but he keeps his options open. He will ensure that you are the center of attention and put more effort into getting to know you if he is certain of what he wants.

These are some of the signs he’s not ready for dating that you need to look out for. For more options, online dating can be a good start in meeting a potential partner without having to do much but just be available for chats online.