Signs you’re more than friends

Signs you’re more than friends

It’s possible that you were simply friends when you first met, but over time you grew much closer and are now unsure of whether you are still just friends or whether there is more to it. Some relationships can just begin without either party even realizing that they have become more than friends over time. Here are a few signs you’re more than friends to assist you justify the lingering feelings you both have for each other.

Four signs you’re more than friends

You call and text each other a lot

It’s quite uncommon for friends to chat on the phone every day because you always have the finest time with them and are never angry with them, even if you go a few days without talking. Even though you haven’t yet spoken to each other, the fact that you text and phone each other every single day when you’re apart proves that you are more than friends. A frequent exchange of phone calls and texts, especially on a daily basis, indicates that person is your significant other.

You share opinions and private information

Whether you know it’s not that essential or you don’t want them to know, you don’t spill every dirty little secret you might have when you’re pals. Yet, it indicates that there is chemistry that goes beyond friendship if you begin to reveal the most private details with them and if you really value their viewpoint. You observe that they reciprocate with you in a way that makes you feel secure and free to share even your innermost secrets and ideas.

You’re both overprotective

It’s only normal for friends to occasionally defend one another. However, there are instances when it gets unusual when a buddy truly helps you out in situations where you wouldn’t anticipate it. They nonetheless make an effort to ensure your safety and security, despite the fact that you are aware of how challenging the situation is. This demonstrates that you’ve become more than friends and that your actions speak far louder than words ever could.

You look at each other in a different way

Even if you’re all hanging out as friends, the glance you give that one individual suggests that there might be some lingering feelings in the air. You occasionally steal glances at one another, and your eyes communicate a lot that only you would understand. You like having to make eye contact with them during a conversation because it makes you feel more connected to them than anybody else.

These are some of the signs you’re more than friends and you are aware that you still harbor romantic impulses for one another. Take a leap of faith and express your feelings to that friend. There’s a great potential that they have similar emotions to yours and would be eager to explore further possibilities with you.