Thai Girls – How to Win Their Heart

If you’ve been trying to start a relationship with Thai girls, but you aren’t getting anywhere fast, perhaps you’re giving off the wrong vibes when you first meet. First impressions are so important when it comes to dating, so you need to make sure you’re not sending the wrong signals when you’re trying to secure a date with an Asian girl that you fancy. If you’re trying to win a Thai girlfriends heart, here are five things you can try to make an excellent first impression.


Make sure your body language is inviting

Thai girls pay a lot of attention to your body language. If you’re slouching and don’t make eye contact with her, the chances are that you won’t make a promising first impression. The first time you approach her, you should ensure you’re smiling, open, and friendly, as this will show her that you’re interested in striking up a conversation.


Don’t come on too strong

Even if you’re really into a girl and you want to make a lasting first impression, don’t come on too strong when trying to impress her. Although you might think she will be attracted to you as the exotic stranger, you will actually find that Thai girls enjoy the company of humble men who don’t try too hard to impress. Make sure you get the balance right between impressing her and being at ease.


Thai Girls hate cheesy pickup lines

Although cheesy pickup lines might work with some girls in the west, don’t be tempted to try a pickup line on a Thai girl you really like. You should bear in mind the language barrier, as she might not understand what you mean, or think you’re making fun of her. The best way to approach a girl you like is by being friendly and honest about your intentions. You can introduce humour once you get to know her a bit better.


Take things slow

It’s a red flag for Thai girls if you invite her back to your place on the first night you meet her. It’s actually disrespectful to her and you’re not showing that you appreciate her boundaries. If you’re serious about dating a Thai girl, be sure to take things slow at the start of your relationship by getting to know her before you suggest anything physical.


Pay her compliments

Thai girls really appreciate compliments, particularly if they are heartfelt. You can comment on things you appreciate and admire about her, as she will certainly take this as a compliment. Be careful not to overstep the mark, though. There’s a fine line between being complimentary and being inappropriate, so you need to make sure anything you say to her won’t lead her to think you’re being too forward.


The key to winning a Thai girl’s heart is being open, friendly, and well-intentioned. If you approach a girl you fancy with good intentions, if she likes you back, the chances are you will get the opportunity to get to know her better.