Top 4 Asian TV series for couples

Watching one of your favourite TV shows together is always a terrific way to spend time with your partner. When you’re finished, you can talk about what you liked best, and occasionally you can even recognize yourself in that program. Here are the top 4 Asian TV series for couples that you might watch for some movie dates.

Top 4 Asian TV series for couples

Descendants of the Sun

Filled with romance, action and melodrama, this definitely a must watch. Descendants of the sun takes you through the lives of a surgeon and a soldier who fall in love but their professions try to keep them apart. They have to fight their way in trying to keep the relationship alive and making it work despite their busy schedules.

Crash Landing On You

The best drama and action-packed romantic Asian series is currently this one. People were hooked to their TVs for the duration of each episode of this series, which was a major success in Korea and throughout the world. The goal of this touching television show is to show how two people from diverse backgrounds come to fall in love. It’s a fantastic show to watch together and have some time to discuss the scenes from the show.

Twenty Five Twenty One

This series took Netflix by storm and many young people were interested in watching it making it one of the most watched Asian series on Netflix. Twenty Five Twenty One is a heart-wrenching romantic drama about young people. It follows five people and their love lives from high school to the first love and the lessons they learnt along the way. Do not miss out on this series if you’re interested in young love.

Start Up

This could also be one of the best TV series for couples worth watching. The story centres on a young woman who’s ambitious and still has time for a love triangle. The series is a great way to explore with your partner and the good thing is you can pick a few pointers that you can just try in your relationship to make it interesting.

These are some of the top 4 Asian TV series for couples that you can enjoy with a bowl of popcorn while cuddling. Watching something together from time to time is a great way to connect with your partner and get to know them more.