What Asian Women REALLY Want

Ever wondered what Asian women REALLY want in a man? Then take a look below to see if this helps you.

‘Just be yourself, and you’ll be fine.’      ‘Don’t think about your ex when you’re dating her.’ 

How often have you heard such advice from your friends before heading out on a date? While some men try different things to impress women, it’s hard to know exactly what a woman wants out of a relationship, as everyone is different.

That being said, there are some things that when dating Asian women, they prioritise over others that will give you an excellent chance of impressing your date. Below are four things that explain what Asian women really want to see in men.


You need to show you’re financially stable

Asian women want to know that the man they’re dating is financially stable. This doesn’t mean they’re motivated by money or that you need to be rich. You just have to show them that you have your finances in order and are responsible for your life. Holding down a decent job and treating your date to nice things is a great way to show her that you’re on top of things financially.


You should understand the importance of respect

Respect is super important to Asian women. You need to respect her boundaries, as well as her values and interests. If you think you can walk all over her, think again. You will also have to show respect to your family. She won’t be interested in dating a man who can’t even maintain a close and positive relationship with his siblings and parents.


You don’t take life too seriously

It’s a massive turn-off in any relationship if your partner takes life too seriously. While you need to be responsible and respectful, you should also be willing to have fun and try new things. Being stuck in a routine and not being prepared to get out and see the world isn’t something that will go down well with your Asian girlfriend. She wants to have lots of fun, so you will need to prove to her that you don’t take life too seriously.


You’re not concerned about what other people think of you

Life is too short to be worried about what other people think about you all the time. If you’re constantly checking in on social media and scrolling through comments and likes in the hope that people will be praising you, this is a big turn-off for your Asian girlfriend. Asian women like their men to be strong and independent, so constantly looking for reassurance from outsiders and seeking approval from people you don’t even know won’t impress her. Focus instead on making your girlfriend happy and spend less time worrying about what others think of you.


We know it can be difficult to impress when you’re dating an Asian woman, but these four tips will give you a good idea of what to consider when starting a new online relationship with an Asian girl.