Winning the Heart of a Filipina Woman

Winning the heart of a Filipina woman won’t be easy, but it’s certainly worth the effort. It’s popular in the Philippines for local women to fall for western men. However, don’t just think that a Filipina woman will be into you because you’re foreign. This is not enough to impress someone with whom you hope to have a future, although it might get you a date on Tinder while you’re visiting Manila. If you’re serious about winning the heart of a Filipina woman, here are some things that will help you in your early days of dating.


Be approachable and polite

Filipina women tend to be fairly shy, particularly around foreign men. When you’re engaging with a Filipina for the first time, make sure that you’re approachable and polite and understand that their English is probably not as good as yours. To get past the initial exchanges with a Filipina girl, you have to make her feel at ease and encourage her to come out of her shell, which is why being approachable is so important.


Understand the importance of respect in Filipino culture

Respect is a big deal in the Philippines. Because of the way foreigners often address locals in the country, there’s a common consensus that they tend to be disrespectful, particularly towards local customs. A good thing trick here is to mimic how she communicates with you. She might, for instance, ask what she should call you. If she met you in the city, she would be inclined to call you sir. So, by asking what to call you, she’s asking for permission to use your first name. It would be polite and respectful to ask the same of her.


Be willing to try new things

When you visit the Philippines for the first time, you will experience culture shock as you’ve never experienced. From strange and exotic national dishes like Kamaru (crickets!) to densely packed journeys on public transport, you need to adapt to the situation unfolding around you. If you’re not willing to try new things and test your boundaries, you will find it extremely hard to get along with a Filipina woman, as her culture is just so different from yours, and you need to compromise somehow.


Show commitment

In the early days of your budding relationship with a Filipina woman, a small show of commitment will go a long way to earning her trust. While we’re certainly not suggesting anything as drastic as a proposal, a conversation about where you see your relationship heading will indicate that you’re hopeful for your future together. It’s super important that you’re honest about your dating intentions, too. Don’t string her along if you’re not in it for the long run, as this will only cause heartbreak later down the line.


Filipina women are extremely caring, fun-loving, and sensitive. Dating a Filipina can be a wonderful experience, but you need to do your best to win her heart if the relationship is to last. These top tips will set your relationship off in the right direction and will give you a great chance of meeting the Filipina woman of your dreams.