Asian Holiday Romance – Keep It Amazing

So, you’ve been on a lifechanging trip to Asia, and have found your perfect Asian holiday romance and fallen in love with the girl of your dreams. In countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia, it’s common for tourists to fall for local women and try desperately to make the relationship work when they return home after their trip. It can certainly be done, and in many cases, it results in a happily ever after. But how do you take your Asian dating to the next level and ensure it doesn’t just fizzle out when you return home? Let’s take a look at four ways you can take things to the next level.


Set some boundaries before you leave

Whether you’ve been travelling for an extended period of time, or have just been on a short holiday, it’s best to have an open conversation with your girlfriend about what the future has in store for your relationship. If you think it can develop into something special in the long term, then be sure to tell her! If you don’t set some boundaries and expectations before leaving, it will be hard for your relationship to have a future.


Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep

While it can be tempting to promise the world to try and keep your Asian holiday romance going, you should avoid making promises that you don’t intend to keep. For instance, if you have no intention of moving to her country in the near future, don’t lead her on and tell her that you have plans to. It’s unfair and won’t help your relationship. Long-distance relationships can undoubtedly work; you just need to be open and agree upon some ground rules when you’re together.


Start talking about the future

Naturally, any new relationship only stands a chance of working out if you have clear ideas and expectations about the future. This is particularly important if you and your girlfriend currently live in different parts of the world, so you should start discussing what the future has in store for your relationship. Whether you’re planning to travel and revisit her in the near future, or maybe she’s coming to see you and meet your family and friends, you should try and get something planned, so you have something to look forward to.


Don’t do anything rash

It’s equally important that you don’t do anything rash when your Asian holiday romance is coming to an end. While you’re away on holiday or travelling, you feel impulsive and really buy into the ‘life’s too short’ philosophy, which is great. But remember that you’ve got a life to return to back home, and you need to think carefully about how any decision you make about your new relationship will affect your life back home. It’s better to get to know your girlfriend from a long-distance than jumping in and proposing marriage before you really know her!


Holiday romances are truly special, and many of us have enjoyed them in the past. But sometimes your connection is so special that you want to carry it on when you’re back home. Whatever you do, make sure you take things slow and plan carefully for the future, to give your new relationship the best possible chance at success.