The Perfect Gift for Your Asian Girl

Giving gifts to your Asian girl is an essential part of any successful relationship. At certain times of the year, specific holidays will dictate that gifts are socially appropriate. For instance, on Valentine’s Day you might want to buy gifts that show your love, such as chocolates and flowers. But how do you know what gifts are appropriate for your Asian girl? Are there things you should avoid buying for her that may not be culturally appropriate? Let’s take a look at four things to consider when looking for the perfect gift for your Asian girl.


Avoid giving your Asian girl alcohol

While it is fairly common in most western cultures to buy alcohol as a gift, you should avoid buying such a present for your Asian girlfriend, particularly if you have only recently started dating. While you might think a nice bottle of wine, or a bottle of hand-crafted gin would make a nice gift, in many Asian cultures drinking alcohol is seen as a bad character trait and is to be avoided. Buying alcohol as a gift might send the wrong signal, so you should think of something else to be on the safe side.


The more personal, the better

When you’re thinking of something to buy, remember that the more personal you can make the gift, the more she will appreciate it. For instance, if you decide to buy her a cute teddy bear for Valentine’s Day, you could maybe personalise it with a unique message and your name. She will thank you for the extra effort and will be reminded of you every time she sees the gift.


Don’t set yourself up for future failure

When it comes to gift giving, don’t fall into the trap of buying overly expensive gifts at the start just to impress your partner. If you start buying incredibly expensive gifts and then over time reduce your gifts, you may end up disappointing or upsetting your partner. You should remember that true love doesn’t need to be bought, so you shouldn’t need to impress her with expensive gifts to please her. While it’s nice to treat your partner to something special once in a while, don’t set the bar too high with your initial gifts!


Be spontaneous with gift giving

While it’s of course appropriate to give your partner gifts on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, don’t reserve gift giving for only special events in the calendar. Much of the joy of gift giving comes from the element of surprise, so you should be spontaneous when you’re planning to give your partner a present. For example, if you know of a particular piece of jewellery or clothing that she likes, you could surprise her by heading out and picking it up. Receiving gifts when we least expect them is a wonderful surprise and it makes us feel special.


Overall, buying a gift for your Asian partner is not so different from purchasing gifts for other people in your life. Gifts are an excellent way of showing your love and your partner will be grateful for anything that comes her way.