Signs of an unhappy relationship

Being in an unhappy relationship may emotionally drain you to the point that it will be challenging to return to the person you were before. It’s best to gradually distance yourself from your partner as soon as you start to see red flags in your relationship. Some of the warning signs of an unhappy relationship that you should watch out for in your relationship that have been gathered by our team.

Four signs of an unhealthy relationship

You no longer go on dates

You no longer schedule date nights or weekend getaways like you used to. As your time spent together decreases, you both make excuses or become bored. One of the telltale signs of an unhealthy relationship is when both of you stop taking the initiative to put forth an effort. Dates are what help you to connect more and more and just to randomly be romantic without having to go out of your way.

You don’t share your feelings

You abruptly stop talking about how you feel. Even if you see that your partner did something wrong or injured you, you choose to keep it inside instead of speaking up, which leads to long-term resentment on both of your parts. It’s best to both move on that trying to hold on to something that seems to have ended. Communication is important and once there no longer is that space, the love begins to fade.

You start prioritizing other things

If you’re sincere, your relationship will always come first. There isn’t much of a relationship left once you start skipping crucial dates or failing to even pick up the phone and call. Your joint creation becomes less significant than other things.

You’ll notice these signs of an unhealthy relationship and they can help you to gather your thoughts and figure ways to end the relationship before it becomes toxic for the both of you.