Asian Partner – How Do You Know if She’s a Keeper?

How do you know if your Asian partner is a keeper? At the start of your relationship, you often overthink your girlfriend’s actions and comments, as you’re looking for signs that things are going well. This is exacerbated if you’re dating someone from outside of your culture, as you may find yourself trying to read between the lines of specific things she says or does. In this post, we provide you with five things that will help you know if your Asian girlfriend is a keeper.


She asks open questions about your family

In most Asian cultures, family is everything. Your Asian girlfriend is likely to place immense significance on the familial relationships in her life, and you should respect this. If she begins asking you in-depth questions about your siblings and other relations, it’s a clear sign that she’s into you and wants the relationship to blossom. By finding out more about your family, she’s showing interest and ascertaining whether or not your family values align.


She introduces you to her parents 

Following on from point one, if your Asian partner introduces you to her parents, you can be sure that she’s serious about your relationship. Asian girls don’t just introduce anyone to their family, so if you’re lucky enough to be invited over for a family meal, it’s a massive gesture on her part and something you shouldn’t take for granted.


She buys gifts for you 

Gift giving is a huge part of many Asian cultures, and it is a way of showing appreciation and love. While traditionally, it is the man that buys gifts for the woman, if she buys you a gift, regardless of how small it may seem to you, it’s a clear sign that she’s really into you and wants to spoil you with something you like.


She shows an interest in your friends and your social life 

It’s healthy for any couple to have a life outside of their relationship. There’s nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone who is very clingy and wants to do everything together all the time. If your girlfriend shows an interest in your social life and asks mature questions about your friends and hobbies, it’s a good sign that she’s interested in all areas of your life. What’s more, if she asks to meet your friends, it’s a great sign that she wants to get to know the important people in your life.


She accepts you for who you are 

When your girlfriend accepts you for who you are and doesn’t always criticise you or try and improve you, then you know that she loves you for being yourself. If your girlfriend is critical of you early on, it’s an indication that she’s trying to shape you into the perfect boyfriend in her mind. However, if she simply accepts you for who you are and doesn’t try and change the way you do things, you can be confident that you’ve found yourself a keeper.