10 Things You Should Know About Dating an Asian Girl

Dating an Asian girl isn’t always as you would expect and there are numerous myths associated. There are also often several cultural differences when compared to dating Western girls. For example, Asian girls often tend to look for men who are direct and frank regarding matters of a relationship or sexual nature. This can come as a bit of a shock when compared to Western culture, where people tend to be a little more reserved and play their cards close to their chest. To help you when looking to potentially meet an Asian girl for dating, see our list of 10 things you should know about dating an Asian girl below:


  1. Their parents will almost certainly reject you initially – but stick with it!
    Typically an Asian girl’s parents will have an idea of somebody their daughter ought to be dating.. most likely the son of a family friend who are respected and trusted. That being said, don’t give up! Eventually, they will generally grow to accept you if their daughter is persistent and you’ll find that once they like you, they will be very protective of you.
  2. If offered food by your Asian date or her parents.. do not refuse!
    Food is a pretty big deal in Asian culture and a refusal often offends. If your date or her parents offer you food, accept it and enjoy it for what it is… a kind, well-meaning gesture.
  3. Tea is important – No really!
    If you’re offered tea, accept it. Not only does it relax you, hydrate you.. but it also cuts through the grease in some Asian dishes. Also, when pouring tea, NEVER just pour your own… start by pouring everybody else first, in order of age starting with the eldest working down to the youngest. This will gain you respect and acceptance.
  4. Take off your shoes
    Asian culture is such that people are often generally expected to take off their shoes when entering the home. So, at the very least, aim to keep your feet smelling fresh and clean socks are a must!
  5. Fighting for the bill
    Pride is a big deal in Asian culture and more often than not if you go out on a date for a meal, you’ll be in a race against your Asian date to pick up the bill. Maybe agree something in advance, if you feel awkward about this.
  6. Be prepared to be shocked
    Quite often, Asian people like the strangest things.. bordering on gross. Don’t find it unusual to be asked if a spot can be squeezed or earwax removed etc. If this doesn’t really appeal, then be prepared.. as it may well come up!
  7. Get ready for a little drama!
    Being brought up on Asian language TV soap operas often leads to overly dramatic reactions if you upset an Asian girl. And if you do upset them… you’ll know about it!
  8. Could well end up with a “mummy’s girl”
    Asian children are usually very close to their parents, having often been brought up rather strictly and aspects of their lives decided for them. With that being said, it doesn’t appear to detract from their love and respect of their parents, so expect them to be pretty close.
  9. Do not stereotype Asian girls
    It’s easy to accidentally find yourself doing this without intention, so think carefully before you speak and do not sexually stereotype (anybody for that matter!). Yeah, Asian girls want to be treated nicely too, and that doesn’t include sending crass pics and presumptions on their sexual appetite.
  10. Loyalty
    Once you have found your ideal AsianDate, then expect loyalty. Loyalty is a big thing in Asian culture and typically once you have met a girl, she’s often the last girl you’ll ever meet.


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