Dating red flags

Dating red flags

The majority of people in partnerships are accustomed to ignoring the dating red flags. Sometimes you decide to settle for something because you believe you have discovered the proper person or you feel you are running behind schedule. However, ignoring the dating red flags will result in having a toxic relationship. You end up losing interest in your relationship and becoming increasingly resentful of them for things you could have avoided. You will always find love, so this post is aimed to help you choose wisely and pay more attention to your wellbeing.

Four dating red flags to look out for

Not making time for you

Making time for your partner is crucial when you decide to be in a relationship. One should never entice you into a relationship and then begin to ignore you. It’s a warning sign if you notice that your partner is spending less time with you and always seems to have something important to accomplish. Someone who cares about you would cancel their other plans to spend the day with you.

Never texts back

Let’s face it, everyone appreciates a partner that responds to texts right away when they see them pop up on their screen. It demonstrates that they do give you thought and value your company when you talk on the phone. It’s not ideal to wait for your lover to text you for hours on end. This is a red flag that you cannot ignore, and if you continue to stick around, you will continue to get hurt.

Not sure about where you stand

It could be delightful in the initial days or months. It’s possible that you’re having the best days of your romantic life and don’t want it to end. But as soon as you get serious, you become even more unsure of your relationship with that individual. You wouldn’t have to guess where you stand with them if they were actually in love with you; instead, they would make sure you are aware of your position.

You’re going out of your way to please them

Love shouldn’t be difficult. The two of you should just naturally convey it. Simply because you can and your partner appreciates all of it, you should be able to do things. Don’t make an effort to get your partner’s attention. Be yourself and persevere. It doesn’t necessarily mean you done something wrong if they aren’t happy.

Avoid a painful heartbreak by not ignoring these dating red flags. It’s best to be aware of such things before you’ve made a full commitment to your partner and have structured your entire life around them. There is so much love out there, and you’ll feel it when you meet the perfect person.