Dating a Vietnamese Girl – What You Need to Know

Congratulations on your new relationship dating a Vietnamese girl! You’re about to embark upon a rewarding relationship with a girl from one of the most stunning countries in the world, and you have a lot to look forward to. With that in mind, you might have some questions to help you in the early days of your relationship. Here are five FAQs answered that might assist you.


How can I tell if she likes me or not?

It’s a question we all want to know the answer to at the start of a new relationship, and it can be challenging to predict if our new girlfriend likes you or not. In Vietnamese culture, if she meets your eye a lot and invites you to meet her family, it’s a clear indication that she likes you and is excited about the prospect of your time together.


Are there any things I should be wary of when dating a Vietnamese girl? 

It would help if you looked out for a few behaviours when dating Vietnamese girls, and it would be fair to call them red flags to be aware of. If she consistently asks you about money and wants to know how much you earn all the time, it could indicate that she’s only interested in what you have to offer. Another red flag to be wary of is if she has a bad relationship with her family. In Vietnamese culture, girls are generally close with their families, so if she never talks about them or talks about them negatively, it could be a sign that your relationship may be complicated.


How should I behave around my Vietnamese girlfriend? 

You should be aware that public displays of affection (PDAs) are inappropriate in Vietnam, so doing anything more than holding hands may make her feel uncomfortable. This is because Vietnamese girls are more conservative than their western counterparts, so be mindful of this cultural difference and try not to make your girlfriend feel uncomfortable in public.


Why does she get annoyed when I drink alcohol? 

While drinking alcohol is a relatively common part of many western cultures, the same can’t be said in Vietnam. While it’s acceptable to have an alcoholic drink with your meal, heading on a night out and getting blind drunk is frowned upon and is likely to upset your girlfriend. If drinking is a big part of your social life, you might have to compromise on it a little, as your Vietnamese girlfriend is not likely to join you when you drink excessively.


Should I introduce her to my family? 

When considering whether you should introduce your Vietnamese girlfriend to your family, you should first be honest with yourself about where you see the relationship heading. If you aren’t seriously invested in the relationship, don’t lead her on by introducing her to your family. In Vietnamese culture, being introduced to the parents signifies that the relationship is serious and may even lead to marriage. You should think carefully about what you want out of your relationship before involving your parents.