Double-dating tips

Four Double-Dating Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore!

 Setting up a double date is an awesome way to get to know someone without the pressure of going solo. It’s also a nice way to interact with friends and to introduce your new partner to your existing group of friends. But double dating can go wrong if you’re not careful, which is why we introduce you to four top double-dating tips that ensure you go about it the right way.

 Avoid ‘In Jokes’

 We all have a unique relationship with our friendship groups, and we tend to have private ‘in jokes’ that we find absolutely hilarious. But the thing is – nobody outside the group understands what all the fuss is about! And when you introduce ‘in jokes’ in a double-dating scenario, it can alienate your date and make them feel uncomfortable around your friends. Keep the conversation civil and stick to topics that you can all chat about.

 Don’t change around your friends

 Introducing your new girlfriend to your friends is rewarding and exciting, but it can be challenging. After all, it’s only natural to behave slightly differently when you’re exclusively in the company with your friends, as opposed to when you’re on a romantic date with your girlfriend. But it’s important that you don’t change drastically in front of your girlfriend when you’re around friends. It will make her feel uncomfortable and she will question if she truly knows the real you.

Pick a venue that you all enjoy

 To make sure everyone enjoys the double date, make sure you select a venue that you all enjoy and feel comfortable in. Consider any dietary requirements and other lifestyle choices that may influence the venue that you choose for the date, and be sure to select a place that isn’t too far away for anyone in the group. Selecting the ideal setting for your double date will ensure it gets off on the right footing and means you are much more likely to have a good time. Remember this is ideal in keeping your relationship alive.

 PDAs are a no-no

 When you’re out as a couple, it’s fine to get touchy feely in certain public situations. But if you’re out on a double date with your friends and you’re sharing a dinner table, there’s absolutely no place for a PDA! It will make the other couple feel uncomfortable and is likely to upset the mood of the evening. While there’s nothing wrong with holding hands, leave the kissing until you’re back at home!

Arranging a double date with your friends is an excellent way to introduce your new girlfriend to your buddies, and is also a fun way of socialising more generally. Hopefully, these four double-dating tips will explain how to make the most out of your double dates and ensure that you don’t have a disappointing experience with your friends.