Initial Asian Date – How to Break the Ice

When the time has arrived for your initial Asian date, it’s only natural to feel nervous. Even if you’ve spent a few weeks or even months chatting to someone online, having a face-to-face conversation is a different matter altogether. One of the biggest worries people have before meeting their date for the first time is knowing what to say to one another and how to direct the conversation. If you’re a great match, you will find that the conversation will flow naturally, and you will have a great time. But how do you get started? Here are four Asian dating ice-breakers to help you settle into your first date.


Ask about her culture 

To get the conversation flowing, you could begin by asking your Asian date all about her culture. You could ask her about the type of food she enjoys, particular places that she likes to visit, or even a part of her culture that you’ve always found fascinating. By asking her to speak about her culture, you’re directing the conversation to a topic that she’s familiar with, which will help build her confidence and will undoubtedly break the ice.


Introduce a topic from your online conversations 

One of the best things about setting up the first date after meeting online is that you have already spent some time getting to know one another before meeting up in person. This means that you will be aware of some of the topics that she enjoys chatting about, and you will also have come to know many of her likes and dislikes. You could talk about her favourite movies and TV shows, or maybe some personality traits that you already know you have in common.


Talk about your family 

Although you might think this is a little forward as an icebreaker, remember that in Asian cultures, family is super important. If you’re willing to talk about your family on your first date, it’s an indication that you have strong family values and are proud of your relations. Also, family is something that you both have in common, so beginning a conversation about your siblings or parents will give her the chance to reciprocate and talk about her family too.


Introduce a topic from the news 

While you might think this is a boring way to start your first Asian date, picking a generic topic from the news to kick things off is actually a super effective way to begin a conversation. Pick a global, neutral topic that has been covered in the news and ask for your date’s opinion about it. This will not only get the conversation flowing, but it will also give you an insight into her personality and interests, as she will voice her opinions about the story that you share.


Knowing what to talk about on your initial Asian date can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. These four simple icebreakers will ensure your conversation flows naturally from the start and will give you the confidence to get to know the person sitting next to you over the course of your first date.