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Five Things That ALL Asian Women Want to See in an Online Dating Match

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know what women actually want? You might have seen that Mel Gibson movie by the same name, where he can magically hear what women are thinking, and it drives him to dating success! While you probably don’t have access to a superpower, here are five things that all Asian women want to see in an online dating match to increase your chances of landing a date.


To win an Asian woman’s heart, you need to be confident. But remember, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and you don’t want to overstep the mark. Being confident is all about understanding what you want and approaching matches in a way that is considered and sincere. Approaching an Asian woman with confidence will increase your chances of success.


Across the Asian continent, chivalry certainly isn’t dead! While gender attitudes are certainly evolving, Asian women still like their men to be chivalrous and charming. Chivalry goes hand in hand with respect and honour, so you need to show your match that you’re someone who will treat her with care and affection.

Positive future prospects 

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that Asian women want to find a partner who has exciting future prospects. Your match will want to know what your long-term relationship and family goals are and will also want to see that you have plans for career progression. Lots of Asian countries are still fairly traditional, so many Asian women want to see evidence that their potential partners can look after their families.


Respect is hugely important in Asia. But it’s not just about respecting your match. You need to show that you respect your friends, family, and any other relationships you currently maintain. Lacking respect for the people currently in your life won’t bode well for the future and will indicate to your potential match that you’re probably not the right person to connect with.


One thing that people often forget to focus on in their online dating profiles is excitement. What gets you out of bed in the morning? What are you looking forward to in the future? Asian women want to be excited and want to find a man that can provide them with thrilling opportunities. Showing a match what she’s got to look forward to will definitely work in your favour.

The good news about all of the characteristics introduced above is that they’re nice and easy to remember and can be exemplified with a little common sense. When you’re connecting with Asian women online, don’t forget that you need to impress them. Using these five traits to your advantage will definitely increase your chances of securing a date.