How to Apologise to Your Asian Girlfriend

It’s important to apologise to your Asian girlfriend if you’ve done something wrong. No matter how hard you try to be committed and loving in your relationship, you will screw up from time to time. Whether you’ve said the wrong thing in the heat of the moment, or if you forgot all about her work’s night out that you promised to go to, a sincere, heartfelt apology will go a long way to repairing any damage your mistake might have caused.

Understanding you’ve made a mistake and taking responsibility for it is important, so don’t just gloss over it as if nothing happened. Here are five ways you can apologise to your Asian girlfriend to show her that you really mean what you say.


Apologise in person

The best way to apologise is face-to-face, not via phone or text. It’s hard to convince someone that you’re sincere when you’re not with them in person, so make an effort to sit down with your girlfriend and express truly how sorry you are. She will appreciate that you’ve gone to the effort to sit with her and tried to make up for whatever it is that you’ve done.


Buy her a small gift

While mistakes can’t always be plastered over with a gesture, a small and thoughtful gift can often go a long way to earning your Asian girlfriend’s forgiveness. Something like her favourite flowers or a cute teddy bear will work perfectly fine. Don’t spend lavishly as she might think that you’re trying to buy her forgiveness.


Offer to make amends

If you forgot to attend an event or meeting that was important to your girlfriend, reschedule it for another time. When doing this, don’t dictate when or where it should happen, either. The rearranged event should be on your girlfriend’s terms, and you should do everything you can to be there the second time around.


Don’t justify your actions with excuses

Sometimes in life, it’s enough to admit that you made a mistake, and you want to move on. Justifying mistakes with excuses is the last thing your girlfriend wants to hear. For instance, “I’m so sorry I missed dinner last night, I totally let you down” is a lot better than, “Sorry about last night, a meeting ran late, then I couldn’t make it to the train on time, etc.” Be sincere and apologetic and lay off the excuses.


Listen to her frustrations

A big part of the apology is listening to what she has to say. She’s likely to be annoyed or upset with you, regardless of what you’ve done. Once you’ve apologised, listen to her frustrations and don’t argue with what she has to say. Try and understand things from her perspective and vow not to make the same mistake in the future. This will show her that you care about the relationship and want to improve things going forward.


While you hopefully won’t have to apologise to your Asian girlfriend too often, it’s important that you apologise with sincerity when the time is right. These five tips will help ensure your apology is from the heart and, most importantly, well received when dating an Asian girl.