Chinese Girlfriend – How to Impress

If you’re looking for ways to impress your Chinese girlfriend, then you have come to the right place. So, you have the hots for a Chinese girl, and you’re working up the courage to ask her out on a date? Preparing to date your crush is never easy, and it’s perfectly natural to fear rejection after going over the scenario many times in your head. Here are five ways you can lay the groundwork and impress your Chinese crush before asking her out on a date.


Speak to her in Chinese

Spend some of your spare time learning some basic Chinese, and the next time you see your crush, surprise her with a question or compliment in her mother tongue. Bear in mind there are several Chinese dialects, so try and find out which type of Chinese she speaks. You could even send her a message in Chinese online if you’re not overly confident with your pronunciation skills!


Don’t try too hard

Few things are as off-putting to Chinese women as a man that tries too hard to be impressive. Despite what you may have heard, flaunting your wealth and boasting about your career won’t necessarily impress your Chinese date. Instead, focus on getting to know her by asking about her friends and family and present to her the real you. Your relationship has a much better chance of success if you’re authentic.


Show that you’re interested in her culture

Chinese women are proud of their culture and heritage. As such, ask your crush questions about her upbringing and take an interest in Chinese news and topical issues. Showing her that you’re interested in her culture is a great way to build trust and connection in your relationship, and she will appreciate the effort you make to learn more about her life.


Be respectful of her family

Family is the most important thing in Chinese culture. When talking about any type of family matters or asking questions about her relationships with her parents or siblings, you need to make sure you display the utmost respect. If you disrespect your crush’s family, even unintentionally, you will have very little chance of taking her on that date you’ve been so keen to arrange.


Tell her that you like her! 

Instead of playing games or worrying about telling her you have a crush on her, just be open and honest. Next time you see your Chinese crush, tell her that you really like her and would like to take her out for coffee or a meal to get to know her better. She will appreciate the honesty and will likely take you up on your offer. Although easier said than done, being straight to the point will save you lots of time worrying if she will say yes or no to your request for a date.


If you’re working up the courage to ask your Chinese girlfriend out on a date, these five tips will help you make a great impression and will increase your chances of securing a date. Dating an Asian girl can mean adapting a little, but it’s well worth it in the longterm.