Korean Girlfriend – How to Boost Her Confidence

After spending several weeks or even months chatting to a Korean girlfriend online, it’s time to finally meet her in person. When you meet, you will probably notice that she’s shy and lacking in confidence, which is perhaps totally the opposite of how she has been online. This is nothing to worry about, you just need to think about some ways to make her feel more comfortable.

Here are five easy ways to boost your Korean girlfriend’s confidence when you finally meet in person.


Bring her a gift you know she will love 

Now that you know her, you will be able to pick up a present that you know she will like. Just make sure it’s not something too over the top, as this will put her under even more pressure. Something well-meaning like her favourite flowers or a book from an author she’s spoken about will give off a great first impression and show her that you care about her.


Meet in a busy public place 

The key to increasing your Korean girlfriend’s confidence is meeting in a place where she feels comfortable. The ideal setting is a busy coffee shop, where you can grab a table and chat over your favourite brew. You won’t be attracting attention from others and can get to know one another in a safe, public place.


Talk about things you’ve already discussed

Although you’re meeting in person for the first time, there are a whole host of topics that you can draw on for inspiration to keep the conversation moving. Refer back to many of the conversations that you’ve already had and ask her for more details about certain things. She will soon ease into the conversation and will be thankful that you’re not taking the conversation too seriously.


Avoid talking about sex

Don’t talk about sex on your first date with your Korean girlfriend. It’s insensitive, rude, and will almost certainly put her off. If you’re a good match for one another and you hit it off, the physical aspects of your relationship will come with time, so you don’t need to rush into anything that makes her feel uncomfortable.


Keep the date short

While it can be tempting to talk for hours and hours, it’s much better to keep the date relatively short. This way, you can arrange a follow up date in the near future, and still have some interesting topics to talk about. Also, keeping it short means you don’t have to delve into potentially difficult or controversial topics that could make you both feel uncomfortable.


If you’ve recently started online dating with a Korean girlfriend, you will know that she’s full of life and potentially a great partner. However, during your first few dates, you should do everything you can to make her feel comfortable and build her confidence. This will help her come out of her shell and will lead to a more fulfilling relationship in the long term.