Online dating mistakes

Where am I Going Wrong? Four Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid!

 There will undoubtedly be many ups and downs when it comes to your online dating activity. In some instances, you will feel on top of the world, while in others, you will feel like you want to throw in the towel and try something else. So, to ensure you have more positive experiences than bad ones, here are four common online dating mistakes that you need to avoid.

Making it all about you

Don’t forget that it takes two to tango! When you’re trying to meet someone online, it’s important to remember that they are also looking for someone to date. The point is that you need to be open and considerate to their needs, aspirations, and wishes, and don’t focus solely on yourself. If you’re selfish with your questions and continually talk about yourself, you will probably put your match off and cause her to look elsewhere.

Being too keen

While few things are as frustrating as your messages going unanswered, you won’t get very far by pestering women online and practically begging them to respond to you. Being too keen and overly quick to chase up responses gives off the vibe that you’re desperate, and is something that you should avoid doing. Give her time to respond to your messages and realise that she has a life outside of online dating!

Deviating from the truth

Lying on your online dating profile is a big no-no. While you think it might help you get noticed and enable you to start a conversation with someone that you like, it’s not a smart move if you’re hoping to develop a relationship in the long-term. Lies are easy to discover, and your match will be hurt and disappointed when they find out that you lied to them. Be as genuine as possible and remember that it’s important for your match to get to know the real you. This way you can avoid the online dating mistakes.

Rushing your profile

Optimizing your online dating profile is super important. Be careful to take some time to write accurate and relevant information about yourself, and complement it with several photos that show you in a good light. Rushing your profile just so you can start chatting to people online won’t serve you well in the long run. Keep your profile short and sweet and carefully select pictures that represent you in a positive light.

At the start of your online dating journey, it’s important not to give yourself too much of a hard time. After all, we’re all human and we all make mistakes. But by understanding these common online dating mistakes first-hand, you can adapt your approach and give yourself the best chance of finding that special someone.