Vietnamese dating FAQS

Vietnamese Dating FAQs: How to Prepare for Your First Date 

In the lead up to your first date with a Vietnamese girl, you probably have some questions about what to expect. To help you out, we’ve answered some Vietnamese dating FAQs that will prepare you for that all-important first date.

Do I need to learn Vietnamese? 

Let’s start with the language barrier. While lots of Vietnamese people can speak in English, they’re not necessarily fluent. But equally, your date is probably not expecting you to be able to speak fluent Vietnamese, either! Before your first meeting, learn a couple of greetings and important phrases to impress your date. Then, if things go well, you could always arrange some language lessons to improve your spoken Vietnamese.

What’s the perfect venue for a first date? 

The perfect setting for your first date with a Vietnamese girl is a coffee shop or café, where you can sit down and get to know one another. You don’t need to arrange anything too extravagant right away, so save a meal out at an expensive restaurant for date two or three!

How can I tell if she likes me? 

If your Vietnamese date likes you, she will maintain eye contact, ask you lots of questions, and talk to you about her family. Also, as Vietnamese girls can be shy at first, if she goes into detail when talking about her life and interests, it’s a good sign that she feels comfortable in your presence and is potentially keen to start a relationship.

What should I avoid on the first date? 

The biggest thing to remember before a first date with a Vietnamese girl is that PDAs are not as acceptable in Vietnamese culture as they are in the west. As such, avoid holding hands or going in for a first kiss over coffee, as you will almost certainly be disappointed! Take things slowly on your first few dates, and your relationship will blossom over time.

Is there anything I shouldn’t talk about? 

The best thing to do on your first date with a Vietnamese girl is to keep the conversation topics light and friendly. Chat about your interests, family, and work, for instance. Avoid divisive topics like religion, politics, and previous relationships! Remember, your first date isn’t about discovering each other’s life stories; it’s about seeing if you’re a good fit.

Are there any red flags I need to watch out for? 

Naturally, you should pay attention to certain red flags that indicate things might not be going so well. If your date talks about money or even asks you for a ‘gift,’ it’s a sign that she’s only interested in one thing. Equally, if she’s constantly on her phone or just looking generally disinterested, it’s clear that she’s not invested in the date and would rather be elsewhere.

Dating a Vietnamese woman is an incredibly rewarding experience for most people, as they’re fun, caring, and loyal. Hopefully, now you have answers to these Vietnamese dating FAQs, you should be prepared for your first date and ready to start a relationship with a Vietnamese lady.