Relationship Skills – How to Improve Yourself

If you find that you’re not having much luck when it comes to relationships, you might want to spend some time trying to improve your relationship skills. It’s not always easy to recognise that you need to change in order to improve your chances of dating success, but it’s an excellent way of boosting your relationship chances when you ask someone out on a date, even with online dating. Here are four ways that you can improve your relationship skills to boost your chances of finding that special someone.


Pay more attention to values rather than interests

Just because you might bond with someone over a shared love of football, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a good match. It’s actually healthy for partners to have different interests, as it keeps them engaged with other people and ensures the relationship can be healthy. Values, on the other hand, must be aligned. When you’re thinking about things like family, travelling, and education, it’s important that your values match your partner’s.


Practice active listening

So many people find themselves sitting across from their partner, eagerly waiting for them to finish before they can jump in and give their own opinion. This isn’t active listening. To truly hear what your partner is saying, pay close attention to their words and withhold judgement. Wait until they’ve finished speaking and then reflect on what they’ve said. If you truly hear what they’ve said, you can then respond in a way that isn’t shallow and shows that you’re genuinely interested in their point of view.


Give your partner your time

Time is our most precious resource, and we need to use it wisely. However, sometimes in a relationship, you’re going to be asked to do things you don’t want to do. In these instances, give your partner the gift of your time and attend the event that you’re not interested in. This way, they will see that you’re willing to contribute to their lives and are showing a willingness to work on the relationship.


Learn to trust your partner

Trust is a vital ingredient of any healthy relationship. But equally, it’s not something that is earned overnight. It will take you time to learn to trust your partner, but you should try and show good faith wherever possible. For instance, if your partner is going away on a business trip that makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t act jealously or ask lots of questions about the trip that show your concern. Trust your partner that they will be loyal, as showing distrust will cause problems in your relationship and will upset your partner.


Reflecting on your relationship skills is an effective way of looking at ways in which you can be a better partner. If you find yourself in and out of relationships, there might be things that you can do to improve, and these four tips will certainly help you be a better partner when you start dating someone new.