Dating Balinese Women – 5 Helpful Tips

What’s not to love about Bali? Romantic sunsets, buzzing nightlife, exotic beaches, gorgeous food, not to mention dating Balinese women. With so many digital nomads and expats settling in Bali in recent times, many foreign men are dating Balinese women. As Indonesia is an extremely diverse country made up of more than 17,000 islands, dating a woman from Bali is different to dating a woman from Sumatra or Java. Here are five tips that will prepare you for your first Asian date.


Be mindful of the stereotype

In Bali, local women who date ‘bule’ (Indonesian slang for ‘foreigners’) are often seen as gold diggers only interested in money. While this, of course, happens, it’s certainly not the norm. You should be aware of this stereotype, but don’t give it too much thought. Instead, focus your energy on getting to know your Balinese girlfriend for who she is, not what others think she’s interested in.


Balinese women tend to be conservative

On the first few dates, things will seem a little slow going. You might think she’s a little cold or distant, but that’s her culture. Balinese women spend time getting to know men before committing to a relationship, so don’t expect fireworks in the early days. Just be content going out together for coffee or a nice meal and be prepared to take time getting to know her.


She will be close to her family

Regardless of her age, the vast majority of Balinese women are extremely close to their families. You shouldn’t take this as a sign of dependence or immaturity; it’s just a feature of Balinese culture. Expect her to share lots of things with her family that you might feel uncomfortable with at first. Whatever you do, don’t complain about her relationship with her family! She will almost certainly choose them over you.


Consider Balinese culture

As many Balinese women are Hindu, you should be considerate of her culture and religious traditions. Even if she doesn’t seem overly religious, she may partake in daily offerings or prayers that might seem unusual to you. If that’s the case, feel free to ask her about them and what they mean, but make sure you’re respectful of her beliefs and her overall culture.


PDAs are tolerated in Bali but take her lead

Public displays of affection (PDAs) are tolerated in Bali, as locals have become accustomed to foreigners kissing, cuddling, and holding hands in public. That being said, you won’t see many Balinese people being affectionate in public. Be mindful that while your girlfriend might tolerate PDAs, she might not be comfortable with them, so don’t make her feel uncomfortable. It’s a good idea to take her lead – if she holds your hand while you’re walking down the beach, it’s a good sign that she’s comfortable with PDAs in your presence.


Hopefully, these five tips will help you prepare for your first date with a Balinese woman. They’re incredibly friendly, good-natured, and fun, so you’re sure to have a great time if you remember these important tips.