Falling in love online

Falling in Love Online? Here’s What to Do Next!

Today, so many people are falling in love online. So, if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t stop thinking about that stunning girl you’ve been chatting to for a while now, the chances are that you’re falling in love with her. And this is a truly great thing! But to ensure that you don’t screw things up, here are some important things you need to do to ensure your relationship can move onto the next level.

Secure a real date

If you’ve been chatting exclusively online, the first and most important step is to secure a real date with your match. This will enable you to get to know her for who she really is, and will help you decide if you’re genuinely in love or not. As soon as you can, suggest a coffee or a meal out with your match so you can start getting to know her properly.

Don’t freak her out

While it’s perfectly fine to tell your online match that you’ve developed feelings for her, don’t go all out and tell her that you’re madly in love with her! This will only freak her out. After meeting someone online, it’s important to take things slow until you’re sure that you’re right for one another. Dropping the L-Bomb right away will scare her and cause her to run a mile! Falling in love online is not bad, just don’t rush it.

Find out how she feels about you

When you feel like you’re falling in love with someone, it’s super important to find out how they feel about you. And it’s certainly not necessary to ask her directly, but you can read between the lines and get a good idea of whether she reciprocates your feelings. You can usually tell by the way she messages you and also by how quickly she responds to your messages.

Continue getting to know her

Just because you feel like you’re falling madly in love, it shouldn’t stop you from continuing to learn as much about your match as possible. Continue asking her open and insightful questions, and never miss a chance to hop on a video call to get things moving in the right direction. If you become complacent and let your feelings for her get the better of you, you will find that the relationship could easily fizzle out before it has really got going!

If you genuinely feel that you’re falling in love online – congratulations! It’s an incredible feeling and something you should cherish. Hopefully, our tips show you how to go about expressing yourself in the right way, to ensure your new match appreciates your affection and doesn’t feel like it’s too much too soon.