New Asian Girlfriend – How to Know When it’s Love

So you have a new Asian girlfriend, but how do you know whether it’s love or not? Falling in love is the most wonderful experience in the world. Knowing that you have that special someone to rely on when things get tough and to explore new places with, makes everything seem worth it. When you begin dating someone new, it’s natural to think about them all the time and be excited about the prospect of seeing them. But how do you know if you truly love her? Are there some signs you should look for? In this post, we share five tips that will help you realise if you’re falling in love with your new Asian girlfriend.


You’ve accepted her flaws

When you truly love someone, you stop trying to mould them into what you perceive to be the perfect person. You simply accept that nobody is perfect, and your new Asian girlfriend is no exception. Love is about appreciating the person as they are and loving their imperfections, regardless of what they are. This is the foundation for a loving relationship.


You’ve got past the initial honeymoon period

Things are incredibly exciting at the start of any new relationship. You spend the early days getting to know everything you can about your new partner and want to be with them every waking second of the day. This is often known as the ‘honeymoon period’ and is a truly wonderful time. However, when this time passes, that’s when you really get to know your new partner. If you’re still really into one another one year down the line, it could be a sign that she’s a keeper.


You’ve worked through a disagreement or argument

This follows on from point two. Regardless of how much you care for someone, the chances are that you’re going to disagree with them sometimes. This is okay, and you might even fall out and argue. But the crucial thing is how you both respond to the disagreement and hopefully come back together stronger. People who love one another can put aside their differences and reconcile their differences, and it’s a vital part of any new relationship.


You can see yourself having a family together

At the start of new relationships, people often confuse lust with love. They’re so infatuated with their new partner that they think they love them, but really there’s no great depth to their relationship. Although you don’t need to talk about it in any great depth, if you truly love someone you can see yourselves raising a family together and putting down roots. If you can’t see that, even if it’s a long way in the future, the chances are it might not be love after all.


You trust her judgement

Trust and love go hand in hand. If you don’t totally trust your new partner, it’s impossible to love her with all your heart. Trust is something that is earned over time through meaningful actions and contributions. With this in mind, you need to spend time getting to know one another before deciding whether or not you can trust her judgement. If you can, it’s an excellent foundation for developing a loving relationship.


Love is so crucial to any relationship, but it’s something that takes time. Love at first sight is something out of the movies, and for your relationship to blossom, you need to fall in love over time, once you get to know everything about your new partner. It’s an exciting time for sure!