Signs that the first date didn’t go well

Five signs that the first date didn’t go well

When it comes to online dating, the first date is crucial. It’s that one date that will provide you with the definitive answer to the burning question in your mind. “You got this one already,” you might think while you’re online dating, but the date will decide for you. Let’s take a look at a few signs that the date didn’t go as planned.

It’s turned into a question and answer session

This is the first indication that something is wrong. If it devolves into a question-and-answer session, she’s clearly not interested in having a meaningful chat with you. She’s thinking of ways to end the date and go your separate ways in her head at this point. So, try not to come on too strong, since when you’re face to face and not having an online chat, every emotion you’re expressing is visible. So, to avoid a situation like this, play your cards wisely.

She’s looking at her watch every chance she gets

Guys, as soon as this begins to happen, you’re losing her by the second. When a lady starts looking at her watch while on a date, she’s almost certainly planning to leave, and that’s simply a convenient excuse. Keep the conversation engaging and avoid focusing just on yourself. Give them a chance, gentlemen; they could have more to offer than meets the eye. You don’t want her to show you that she despises every second she spends with you.

She’s drinking more wine than intended

So, here’s the deal: ladies enjoy their meal with a glass of wine, and on a date, she’ll drink it slowly to keep on the same page. But you’ll know it’s all gone if she keeps ordering more wine and drinking it all at the same time. To be honest, we all know that’s an indication of a woman attempting to get through the date without fleeing since that would be too dramatic despite the great online chat. She’s trying to avoid saying something hurtful that will make you uncomfortable, so the wine will keep her occupied until it’s over.

She’s avoiding eye contact

The first date is significant to both of you since it is your first opportunity to spend time with someone you like. You’re so fascinated by the individual across from you that your gaze is fixed on them as they speak. Gentlemen, if she avoids eye contact with you, she isn’t truly listening to what you’re saying and so it isn’t relevant to her. You can ramble on and on about the topics you discussed during the online chat. But if she doesn’t even blink and smiles when you look at her, it’s over.

She doesn’t mention another date

We all know that if the first date went well, the odds of a second date are high, and it’s something you’d both talk about before leaving. Women have a habit of simply agreeing to get it over with. However, keep in mind that if she’s genuinely looking forward to the second, she won’t want the first to finish. So, if she goes without requesting a second date, there will be no second date.

There are many signals that the  first date did not go well even though the online chat was promising, but keep an eye out for these so you can try to prevent them and have a wonderful time.